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Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Parents ending a marriage or relationship face the challenge of either reaching agreements or allowing courts to decide fundamental matters forever impacting their children. The decisions you make before and during a divorce or parental rights and responsibilities action are critical to minimizing the disruption to your children’s lives.

The issues addressed in cases involving children include how decisions are made about education, health care, religion, and other aspects of your children’s welfare; determining whether the children’s physical residence is primarily with one parent or shared between the parents; developing parent/child contact, holiday and vacation schedules; and deciding who is responsible for transportation or travel arrangements between the parents’ homes. The court must also determine the parents’ financial responsibilities for their children, including child support, responsibility for health insurance and payment of uninsured and other child-related expenses.

Our extensive experience handling cases with minor children can help you manage conflict with the children’s other parent and understand how and when the courts will make decisions concerning your children if an agreement is not possible. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to develop and negotiate parenting arrangements based on your unique circumstances.