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Divorce can be a traumatic time of upheaval and pain for many people. Knowing what to expect and having expert guidance to navigate the legal system can make a difficult process less confusing and more manageable.

The divorce process varies depending on whether you have children with your spouse. All cases involving minor children begin in the Family Division of the District Court. Issues related to parental rights and responsibilities, including children’s living arrangements and contact with both parents, and financial support for the children must be resolved, either by agreement or by the court.

Other issues faced by divorcing couples include the valuation and division of real estate; automobiles; recreational vehicles and boats; household goods and other personal property; bank and investment accounts; retirements accounts and pensions; businesses and corporations; and allocation of debt. In some cases, an award of spousal support (alimony) may be appropriate.

Whether you have agreement on some of the issues that must be resolved in your divorce or need help with every aspect of your case, our knowledge of the law and experience in representing clients in all aspects of divorce can assist you in achieving a fair and reasonable result.