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Specializing in Maine Family Law Mediation and Referee/Arbitration.


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Gustafson Family Law is exclusively devoted to providing mediation services; acting as a referee/arbitrator; and negotiating and drafting prenuptial agreements in family law matters. Gustafson Family Law provides these services throughout the State of Maine.

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Kristin A. Gustafson has practiced law in Augusta, Maine since 1987. Beginning in 1992, her practice exclusively focused on all areas of domestic relations, family and matrimonial law, including representing individuals, serving as a private mediator, and acting as a referee appointed by courts throughout Maine to decide family law cases. Kristin’s vast experience has given her the knowledge and expertise to act as a mediator and court-appointed referee in family law cases involving parental rights and responsibilities; children’s residential schedules; child support (including modification and deviation); the identification and distribution of marital and non-marital property; businesses; trusts and spousal support. …Learn more.